Why The Spells For Love Fails?

Why The Spells For Love Fails?

Why The Spells For Love Fails? ,”The Top Reasons why some love spells fail and how to make them work after allThe subject of effectiveness of magical spells is one of the most prone to contradiction and denials. The most debated of the lot are love spells. The first question that arises to anybody’s mind is – do love spells work and why some love spells fail.

The truth is the effectiveness of love spells depends on various factors. A reputable and reliable spell caster will be sure explain to you how the magic works and give you detailed instruction on dos and don’ts to ensure success of love spells. Essentially love spells are fragile energies in such a way that the outcome is in favor of the person who casts the spell. However, the fact also remains that like everything else in this universe no one can guarantee 100% effectiveness even in the case of love spells and magic. If someone is telling you otherwise, you know better not to believe in them

Magic through love spells is a co-creative process – you need to work with the Universe to achieve success. Amongst the various reasons that love spells fail, some are detailed below:

Unrealistic expectations

something akin to marrying Brad Pitt! You need to understand that for love spells to work there should be a reasonably strong bonding or connection with the person you want to cast the spell on. Love nurtures and sparks through love spells only when there is some kind of foundation Secondly spells do not have immediate effect. An authentic spell caster will tell you that the process of love spell magic involves removing obstacles and unwanted influences, channelizing and realigning positive energies so that the end result is in your favor. This may take anywhere from weeks to months.

No guarantees

Love spells unlike insurances don’t come with a guaranteed return. Love spells are akin to prayers – you can only pray or cast the love spell, but it is up to the creator and the Universe to grant you the wish. As hard as it may seem, even after repeated trials if you are unable to get the love you seek, it is better to let go of it than dwell on the ineffectiveness of the love spell.

Love spells do not work through shortcuts

Casting love spells does not mean chanting a few hymns or lines at certain times. For love spells to be really effective they need to be energized with proper tools, a clear mindset and focus. This is what necessitates the use of natural and powerful ingredients like leaves, petals, oils, and powders, tools like candles, knives and of course performing rituals to empower the love spell.

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