Spell for Love to Return

Spell for Love to Return

Spell for Love to Return

Spell for Love to Return ,”Looking for some lover return spells? It’s a sad and unfortunate problem we all face at some point. We find true love, but then lose it. Now if you’re looking to get an ex back, that’s kind of another story. These spells here are more for when you are separated from a loved one due to things like work, school, family or whatever.

Jumping Bean Spell

Now this one may require you to go shopping for some supplies, since it needs some things you might not have on hand unless you have a pretty well-stocked magical inventory. You’re going to need:

• Human-shaped figure candle
• Tonka beans
• Heat resistant bowl

If you can’t find tonka beans, you can use dry beans from your pantry instead.

Start this spell on a Friday night (when the moon is full, if possible). Carve your loved one’s name along the side of the candle, and light it while thinking about your absent lover. Then place 3 beans in the bowl, and place over a small fire. If an actual fire is impractical, just use the burner on your stove.

When the beans begin to snap and jump, say his or her name out loud and ask that this spell also gets them moving back into your life. Extinguish the candle, and repeat for 2 more nights. This lover return spell will get things rolling for you.
bath spell to return a lover to you

Be Mine Bath Spell

What better way to bring your lover back, than to soak in a wonderfully rose-scented bath? You will need the following supplies for this love spell:

A photograph of you and your lover together
1/2 cup calendula blossoms
1 cup pink rose petals
2 drops of chamomile essential oil
2 drops of rose attar
A few white or pink candles

Choose a good photo of the two of you, ideally during a very happy time you had together. Cut out any other people besides you two. If you have separate photos of each of you, you can cut them up and tape your images close together. No photos at all? Then this might not be the best spell for you

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